Syrtis-sid is the professional integrated library system.

Syrtis-sid was developed by library and information-science specialists, while at the same time addressing known existing needs.

Syrtis-sid allows to take into account the growing needs of library science:

  • FRBR cataloging
  • RDF, OAI publishing
  • manage interfaces with other formats
  • manage access rights and roles
  • manage users
  • manage document circulation
    • lending and returning
    • access to documents in-store and on stacks (in-situ, on carrel desks…)
    • rules and fines
    • digital loans
    • copyright management
  • purchasing
    • supplier management
    • order management
    • accounting
  • journal management
  • thesaurus management
  • dashboard
    • work planning management
    • stats


Based on a modular architecture and innovative technologies, Syrtis-sid addresses current and future expectations of library-science professionals and IT departments:

  • module settings
  • multi-site management
  • optimal performance with innovative technologies (big data, nosql…)
  • application security management (OWASP norms)
  • improved ergonomics for a better comfort (touchscreens, responsive design)
  • full web
  • compatible with all OS
  • available as SaaS, Cloud-computing

Information-sharing and cataloging processes are facilitated thanks to a pooled data management.