Syrtis-ent is the secure virtual work environment software platform, hosted on a private server or in the cloud.

Syrtis-ent addresses the daily needs of computer users who need to collaborate or access their environment and files from any device

Depending on the rules defined by the library, the user will be able to access his environment from anywhere or only from devices made available in the public areas of the library.

For the technical aspect, a client software and an Internet connection is all that is needed to connect to one's desktop. The device used does not contain any data, all actions are executed on a remote server.

Syrtis-ent will be open to subscribers, but temporary accounts can easily be set up for temporary users.

Through Syrtis-ent, the library will be able to handle and access:

  • connection durations
  • security
  • access logs
  • printing management (paid or free)